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Outdoor Living Area’s

Our team of outdoor living designers and handscaping professionals will help you transform your home and yard. With Twelve Oaks Landscape you can plan a living space that accents your pool, landscaping, or any other point in your yard. We’ll help you bring the indoors to the outdoors. When you furnish your space with weather resistant furnishings, you’ll never want to leave.¬†

For more information on Outdoor Living Areas please visit our Outdoor Living Areas page:

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Service Area

Ft. Payne and all of Dekalb County

Guntersville and all of Marshall County

Centre, and all of Cherokee County

Scottsboro, Guntersville Lake, and Jackson County

Chattanooga, and Hamilton County 

Why Twelve Oaks?

The Twelve Oaks Difference 

Client Expectations- From the initial meeting, we interview our clients to determine not only the scope of work and services to be provided, but also to identify specific details for site conditions, communication guidelines, and execution of services to ensure that expectations are clearly defined. In addition to quantifying the landscape elements and identifying areas of landscape improvement, your expectations anchor our service program as the foundation for long-term success.

Accurate Bidding Process- Through years of experience and education, we have developed a property surveying procedure that allows us to properly measure and evaluate landscape features, ensuring that our clients receive accurate and competitive pricing.

Ease of Doing Business- We have developed a company structure and training program that allows upper and mid-level mangers to properly oversee the crews that service our clients’ properties, allowing them to spend less time managing their landscapes.

Communication- We make it easy to communicate with our staff by providing multiple avenues of contact by cell phone, e-mail, weekly service reports, periodic property inspections and property evaluations.

Execution- We do what we say we will do. If we commit to meeting a deadline, we meet it. If we identify deficiencies, we correct them.

Responsibility- Our employees dedicate themselves every day to provide outstanding services for our clients. On occasion, we make mistakes. If we do, we except accountability for these mistakes, review the deficient actions, and take the proper measures to prevent future occurrences.

Employee Training and Education- Our employees receive ongoing professional training throughout their career at Twelve Oaks so that they will have the skills and knowledge to provide the best possible service to our clients. We encourage and support employee education through industry associations (PLANET, ICPI, ATA), skill specific seminars, and college courses.


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